If you have already planned a holiday to the Maldives you might like to have a go a GT fishing for a day. If you book with us, we can set you up with top-quality gear – you just need to bring your lunch and sun lotion.

We work with a daily rate and possible fuel surcharge if you are staying outside Male atoll but get in touch, and we will be happy to make you an offer.

We are typically fully booked with group trips throughout January to March but outside those three months we might be able to organize your trip.


Our most popular trips are week long group trips. Most times, our groups prefer to relocate to one of the more remote atolls for a bigger adventure – but we can also arrange great packages closer to Male for a more competitive price.

We basically have three types of group trips:

The hosted trip where one of our tour leaders fish with a group of four anglers. These trips are also ideal for beginners who would like to learn more about popping; how to fish the lures, tie knots, fighting techniques etc.

A group trip where we put together four anglers, ideally consisting of two-and-two, to bring the cost down and give the best possible value-for-money.

A tailor-made group trip where any number of friends – most often from three to five anglers – go together. We tailor make an itinerary that suits your needs and wishes. You want to snorkel a reef during your lunch break? No problem. You want to go jigging in the afternoon? Let’s try to find a good spot. Picnic on a deserted island? Why not.


Group trip example with seven days fishing:

Day 1: Arrive in Male not much later than noon. Transfer by boat or domestic flight the chosen atoll for the trip.

Day 2-7: Six days of fishing

Day 8: Fish until early afternoon and fly back to Male for a late evening flight back home or fish your way back to Male for a late evening flight back home

Of course, you can also arrive in Male one day earlier, or stay on day later if you arrive late in the day, or leave early in the day. However, most of our guests try to plan for the itinerary above to limit travel time and maximize fishing time.

Most popular airlines from Europe are Turkish Airlines and Emirates. Both companies have flight schedules that will fit the itinerary above.



    In order to find productive fly fishing in the Maldives, we must seek out areas with minimal boat traffic and little fishing pressure, and we must learn how to best fish the areas in relation to tides and wind direction.

    We must also load our dinghy and an extra outboard engine to be able reach shallow reef areas, flats and islands.

    Our fly fishing always takes place at atoll far away from Male, and in groups of up to six anglers, typically from six to eight consecutive days of fishing.

    The last couple of years, we have received numerous requests for a single day of fly fishing but it just wouldn’t make sense. To be successful with a fly rod in Maldives, you must go all-in.

    Learn more about our fly fishing expeditions here: Getaway Fly Fishing