You don’t need to invest heavily in gear or carry lots of luggage to experience the best fishing Maldives has to offer: You can rent top-quality rods and reels from GT Fishers.

We fish our own designs in rods and lures (both of which can be ordered for delivery upon your arrival).

With the confirmation of your booking, we will send you our Pre Trip Planner. This will tell you everything about recommended tackle in case you like to bring your own, or about renting tackle and/or ordering lures from GT Fishers.


When we decided to replace our initial 32-foot boat we had a lot of valuable experience that helped us make the best possible choice. The three key factors in choosing the ideal boat for fishing Maldivian waters are: Safety, Fishability and Range.

Since we started GT Fishers, several others have tried to follow in the footsteps of our success. That’s the natural progression of any great fishery. However, we do feel the need to point out that we take safety more seriously than what we have seen elsewhere. While most competitors fish out of cheaper boats, we went a completely different, and way more costly route:

Our boat is a Silvercraft 36HT built by Gulf Craft – a company started in 1982 and with three boat building facilities, one of which is in the Maldives. Apart from sport cruisers like ours, Gulf Craft’s 1600 employees also built luxury yachts, and supply boats to the Maldivian Police and the Maldivian Military. Their boats are also chosen by many luxury resorts in the Maldives for transporting guests.

Why is this even worth mentioning? Because boating safety is more important than anything else – including catching fish. Maldivian waters are not rough – but we do fish reefs and cast towards the surf. This is not to be taken lightly.


Our boat is powered by Yamaha 250HP twin engines. We have learned that Yamaha is the most resilient outboard engines for the high salinity of the Maldives, and we service our engines often, and typically replace them every two years, to ensure perfect performance.

We altered the original design for maximum fishability, and four – sometimes even five – anglers can cast from the front deck. The front deck is large enough to carry our hard bottom inflatable dinghy, used for transporting up to anglers to shallow reef areas, or onto uninhabited islands, on our fly fishing expeditions.

We have a smaller space in the back, sometimes used for casting but mainly as a comfortable seating area while moving between spots. Our spacious cabin gives room for storage of extra tackle and offer shelter through a shower or unusually rough weather. We also have a freshwater hose for washing off after a swim, or for daily cleaning of gear and engines.

On the roof, we have fourteen rod holders for keeping rigged up spare rods out of the way while casting, along with several extra rod holders placed fore and aft.