GT Fishing Tackle

GT Fishing Tackle:

GT fishing is definitely the ultimate form of fishing that many of us fishermen dream to try some day.  Once you try, it is very hard to stop. You cast 150 grams of lure with a 2.4 meter rod with a heavy weight reel and line, then the lure lands on top of the water and starts popping to attract the fish.  Suddenly, a 50kg monster GT – bigger than petite Japanese gals! - splashes the water and bites this gigantic lure, then start swimming away for hundreds of meters away while the braided line starts squawking with the sounds of spooling – that is the start of the power fight!  It is the ultimate game!!

The ultimate game requires not only experience and skills but the right tools and technology. GT casting fishing was established in its current form in Japan nearly two decades ago. Back then, there was no braided line available.  Experienced fishermen typically carried a minimum of 3 sets of tackle, if not more. There are some differences in styles of fishing or lure choices. Popper and pencil need totally different techniques and there are specialized rods for each. Last trip, I carried the following:

  • [1]   8’2” Ripple Fisher Fanta Stick MH (Red) with Shimano Stella SW18000HG with 8.0 braided line for heavy poppers like Craftbait GT-3 170g or Hummer Head E-Cup

  • [2]   Same Fanta Stick (Blue) with Stella SW 18000HG with 7.0 braided line, basically as back up and more long casts with thinner braided line

  • [3]   8’2” Ripple Fisher Ultimo with Stella SW 8000HG with 12000 spool  and 6.0 braided line for Pencil, like Carpenter Gamma or Native Works Rattle Daddy 130g

  • [4]   Same Ultimo with Twin Power SW 12000HG with 6.0 line, again for pencil but smaller, under 100g


Each rod costs about 80,000 JPY or 1,000 USD.  Stella costs 100,000 JPY or 1,250 USD.  Twin Power is 60,000 JPY or 750 USD.  Line on the reel costs 20,000 JPY average or 250 USD for approximately 300 meters. Shocking leader of 130lb and 100lb each costs 3,000 JPY 38 USD per 50m. Lures, I carried probably 40 of them with many split rings and hooks. Lures cost between 80-160 USD each (abalone sheet lures are especially expensive!)  Some hooks from Gamakatsu cost 65 USD per 10 hooks to attach to the lure with 10 USD split rings per 12 pack (2 hooks per lure).

Believe it or not, I started GT fishing only a year ago and was very quickly addicted!  Not only did I buy this tackle, I also bought the speedboat in Maldives, since I was not happy with Dhoni fishing in September last year! 

Yes, it is a very expensive hobby but very addictive. It is not for everyone, either. You want to make sure you really want to formally adopt this hobby. It takes a lifetime commitment and understanding from your family, also. In our case, it is easy, as we both – husband and wife - always go fishing together. Of course, we need the grandparents' approval for taking care of the kids and the dog while we travel, though… 

GT Fishers Maldives would like to lower the hurdle of trying this expensive hobby. We prepare the rental tackle so you can give it a try; then you can decide if you really want to be as crazy as we are! It is not too late then to buy the equipment of your choice. We also serve those of you who decided to be a part of GT fishers by using the best tackle from Japan. This is why we decided to have a shop function on our website - to give you access to the best, proven, tested tackle by me and more experienced guys from Japan. 





We have recently upgraded our rental tackles so that even beginners can experiences the top of the world equipments from start.  Carpenter and Ripple Fisher Rods, Shimano Stella and Twinpower reels with Yozami Full Drag PE braded line.  This is commercially stupid to make these tackles available for rentals - but hey we are doing this for fun!!


- Shimano Stella SW 8000PG (2 spools, PE4.0&6.0) 2008 Model
- Shimano Twinpower SW12000HG/XG x 6 (PE6.0)


- Carpenter Coral Viper 79MH
- Carpenter The Blue Lagoon (TBL) 80/40
- Carpenter Wild Violence 80XH
- Ripple Fisher F-Stick GT79 Reversal
- Ripple Fisher Ocean Ridge Ultimo 82MH UG82 SWIM
- Ripple Fisher Ocean Ridge Ultimo 83M UG SWIM Custom

- Ripple Fisher OceanArrow SELFISH 59MH Custom (Jigging) Jig Max 300gm
- Shimano SPEED MASTER (jigging) jig max 200 gm

Only for VIPs:
- Carpenter KLL Endless Passion 82/42-Power1
- Ripple Fisher Ocean Ridge Final Sirit GT GT79H

- Ripple Fisher F-Stick GT82 Long Cast Original (Black)
- Ripple Fisher F-Stick GT82 Long Cast Custom (Blue)

- Shimano Stella 2014 SW 14000XG
- Shimano Stella 2008 SW 10000XG x 2
- Shimano Stella 2008 SW 8000HG with Yumeya 12000 Spool