About GT Fishers Maldives

About GT Fishers Maldives:

We have been traveling to Maldives every year for the world’s most beautiful ocean and beaches, enjoying snorkeling and everything a resort has to offer. A few years ago, we took up fishing again as hobby, and it did not take long to end up in ultimate GT fishing. Last year alone we took 8 GT fishing trips - in Japan, Palau, Indonesia-Komodo, and Maldives. In Maldives, in September 2011, we stayed in a resort hotel on South Male Atoll and chartered a Dhoni for a couple of days of GT fishing.  We caught quite a few GTs, including some big ones. However, after fishing other parts of the world, fishing with a big, slow Dhoni (5 knots at best), was rather frustrating at times. On the last day, our current business partner and Dhoni owner Hameed and we were talking at the airport while waiting for our flight back to Japan, and we decided to either find or build a speedboat for better GT fishing.  Within a month or so, we found a UAE-built 32ft long speedboat with 400HP. It was in pristine condition, as the previous owner had rarely used it, and, after some tough negotiations, it was ours. In January 2012, our team from Japan and the US joined together at the Hilton Iru Fushi on Noonu Atoll (northern Maldives) for a trial fishing trip. We had six very successful days of fishing that was later covered in the Japanese fishing magazine Salt World in their March 2012 edition (Available in album at http://www.facebook.com/GT.Fishers.Maldives).  As I was drafting these contents for the website, Hameed called to tell me that our Japanese customers – a married couple on a 3-day charter on South Male Atoll just landed a 40kg GT! It was actually the wife who got this!! 

GT Fishers Maldives now has 2nd generation speedboat - 36ft body with 500HP Yamaha Twin Engines since February 2015 for more comfort of fishing and transportation to remote atolls.  The boat is based in Male City though majority of expeditions are in remote atolls for larger and more GT monsters! 


GT Fishers Maldives
Ms. Tukta Achiwa (English, Japanese, Thai Language enabled)

Ms. Tukta Achiwa