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Maldives: Giant Trevally Fishing Paradise – For years, fishermen from all over the world have been pursuing the ultimate dream of fishing giant trevally in Maldives. Up to now, these fishermen have known only Dhoni-based fishing trips – slow-going, covering limited areas, and without comfortable accommodations.

GT Fishers Maldives has changed all that, having revolutionized Maldives’ GT fishing scene with the launch of its 400HP speedboat. Unlike the 5-knot Dhoni, our speedboat, equipped with a GPS Fishfinder, can cover greater areas, hit more fishing points, and even find hidden or unspoiled fishing points, which means more – and bigger - fish. It also means that daily fishing tours are now possible, enabling fishermen and their families to return every evening to the luxury and superior comfort of resort accommodations.

The inspiration for this idea came when we took a Dhoni trip for a couple of days in September 2011, from one of the resorts on South Male Atoll. Dhonis are rather slow, and we could cover only a small area, with approaches to many of the fishing points being far from ideal. Upon return, while waiting for our flight back to Tokyo, we had coffee with Hameed, a Dhoni owner (and our partner today), and we talked about using a speedboat for GT fishing. That was the start of our joint project. Within a month, Hameed had found a UAE-built 32 foot speedboat with twin Yamaha engines totaling 400HP. After several rounds of negotiations, we finally agreed on a price and we acquired the boat at the end of November. We took a trial fishing trip for 6 days to Noonu Atoll, with our resort base held at the Hilton Iru Fushi. The results were fantastic, with many giant trevally weighing in at more than 30kg! Regrettably, we did not catch any in the 40kg-50kg range, but with the speedboat, we were able to approach a lot of inner reef points that Dhonis cannot, meaning these points were basically untouched until now. Our successful trip was covered in Salt World Magazine, March 2012 edition, with 4 full-color pages! While I was drafting the contents for this website, Hameed called me in a rather excited manner and told me of a Japanese couple on tour in South Male; the wife had landed a GT that was more than 40kg!

For nearly 20 years, Dhoni-based GT fishing is how it's been done, but now, with GT Fishers Maldives, we can get you to the most and best fishing points in the area, and get you back in time for dinner at your 5-star resort.

GT Fishers Maldives has the newest techniques and technologies for GT fishing, and for beginners, we have reasonably priced tackle gear for rent – a much more affordable option than spending 3000USD on a rod, reel, line, and lures up front.

And Maldives is not as far as you may think. From many parts of Asia or Europe, you can fly out on Thursday, spend 2 days of fishing, and be back home by Sunday. GT fishing can now be an extended weekend hobby instead of a semi-annual one-week holiday. Even honeymooners can spend a day or two of their week(s)-long romantic adventure for GT fishing. Or, if you have a business trip to India, it is just one weekend without taking any extra paid holiday. If you are as crazy about GT as we are, you don’t want to wait 6 to 12 months for your next adventure!

RSS NEWS & Topics

Italy Agent Changed to GetAway Tours
Gentili Clienti, siamo lieti di comunicarVi che a partire da venerdi, Get Away Tour sara' il tour operator esclusivo per la clientela italiana.
Get Away Tour collabora gia' da diverso tempo con Gt Fishers Maldives, rappresentando la Compagnia in diverse nazioni Europee. Get Away Tour vanta una profonda conoscenza della pesca alle Maldive e dei servizi offerti da Gt Fishers Maldives.
Omar Gade, il rappresentante Italiano della Compagnia, sara' lieto di rispondere a tutte le Vostre domande e sara' lieto di aiutarvi a pianificare la vostra vacanza alle Maldive a bordo della nostra barca Team Gt Fishers.
Per informazioni potete contattare: info@getawaytours.eu o scrivere direttamente a Omar al seguente indirizzo: omar@getawaytours.eu http://www.getawaytours.eu/
Booking Early Please!!
Booking is becoming earlier and earlier. For November 2015 through February 2016 bookings we have started receving many requests already and now nearly half booked. If you are interested in joining us in next high seasons, please send us requests early to block your desired dates. We would hate to see turning down due to the conflicts with other customers... You can check our availability in our calendar online in real time. Thank You!
Maldives GT Fishing Tackles & Lures Basics 101:
We have compiled some GT Tackles and Lure Basics information for beginners though some expert anglers may find it interesting as well. We also have some further upgrade of rental tackle list as well:
Hope you all find some values and interests.
Rental Tackles Upgraded offensively❢
Now we have Cutting edge tackles from Japan - Carpenter and Ripple Fisher Rods with Shimano Stella and Twinpower❢
Maldives Tide Information
Tide is very important part of planning fishing expedition. This site can show you the tide in Maldives:
New Calenders for both Speedboat and Dhoni are embeded into our Reservation Page!
Now you do not have to open a new tab to open Google Calender but embedded in our page. You can check the both Hariyana and Magic Life availability in one single page all together!!

Rental Tackle List & Dhoni Hariyana Calender!
Now we have the list of top line rental tackles from Japan including Shimano Stella SW, Twinpower SW, Ripple Fishers, Carpenter, etc. You can come empty handed and catch your first GTs with best of breed gears!!

Now you can check Dhoni Hariyana's availability online in google calender. Hope you all find it useful.
New BLOGs Launched!
We wanted to share more information, expereinces, techniques, anything related with our services or GT Fishing in more frequent, dynamic contents generations while getting archive data organized. After some reserches, we have come to this blog site on livedoor platform.

English: http://gtfishersmaldives.doorblog.jp/

Japanese: http://gtfishers.doorblog.jp/
Remote Atoll Fuel Surcharge Changed
Due to fuel price increase, we had to increase the remote atoll fuel surcharge. We are not adding any margin for those surcharges but just pure cost. Please blame those oil companies!
Thank you that December Joint Tour is now full. We will make more plans next year periodically! Cheers!
GT Fishers Maldives Website UP Finally!
We have finally opened our website today after several months of struggles. We are envisioning this site to be not only Maldives GT Fishing Guide Services but also providing up-to-date GT Fishing news and technologies from Japan - GT Fishing Capital, particularly for her Products, Technologies, and Techniques. This is also why we asked our Japan friend to provide the most current GT fishing tackles available as internet shop. We have just barely opened our guide services as Pre-Season but we have been very successful to guide our customers from Europe, Middle East, and Asia/Japan. Thanks to rich fish stock even around Capital Male City - North/South Male Atolls, our customers are catching over 30-40kg gigantic GTs, and if you go further like Gaafu Dhaalu over 40-50kg!! We have welcome a lot of honeymoon couples for first GT Try and we are proud to say that everyone caught several in each tour. In one case, a Japanese newly wed couple try GT fishing only for a day in North Male Atoll and ended up 8 GTs after 30 minutes of casting lesson in the morning! Hottest Spot in Maldives today is definitely Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll, 340km south of Male City and 1 hour domestic flight; We got several 40-50kg and over 10 daily, and we also lost so many against over 50 bites daily!!
Budget Guesthouses and Cheaper Resort Deals than Online Booking Available
『Maldives is known for luxury resorts in incredibly beautiful ocean and beach with coral reef. It is true but is not only option. There are increasing numbers of budget guesthouses are available that sometime is lower than 50 USD per night per room. So we can package your fishing tour to be very reasonable! If you want to enjoy the luxury of resorts or even water villa, there are some great deals from Maldives' distribution inventory as resorts typically pre-sell to local agents in bulk. We now have access to those rooms and can offer much lower rates than online booking agencies like booking.com or expedia.com. Those online agencies typically add many fees on top of rates they initially display like service fees, pick up fees, mandatory speedboat transportation (more expensive than domestic flights sometime!); we can take care of all that and still cheaper -- sometime nearly half of those online rates! Please consult with us.